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1、Business License/ Business Permit/ Tax Registration


2、Company Policy / Rules and Regulations/ employee handbook

公司政策/ 厂规厂纪/ 员工手册

3、Company Profile/ organization chart/ Factory floor Layout

公司简介/ 组织架构图/ 工厂平面图

4、Inspection report or permit on fire safety or building structural quality

工厂消防验收报告/ 厂房建筑质量验收报告

5、Inspection report or permit on environmental or waste disposal plants


6、Inspection report or permit on specialized equipment including boilers, elevators, forklifts, etc.


7、qualification or license of electrician, elevator operator, welding worker, etc

8、Inspection report permit on including dormitory.

9、License of company nurse/doctor

10、Organization of Health and Safety Committee

11、Meeting minutes/activities of Meetings of Safety Committee

12、Fire Drill Record (program/meeting minutes/ guidelines, photos, evacuation drill, use of fire extinguishers/ hose, )

13、First Aider Training Certificate/records

14、Accident reporting procedures, injury /illness Report/record

15、Health Certificate of Kitchen workers

16、Potability test for drinking water

17、Sanitary/hygiene Permit for factory kitchen/canteen

18、Waste Water Analysis report

19、testing report on Air quality at work place

20、Noise level testing report at work place

21、Wages policy and structure for all employees and workers

22、Minimum Wage Order issued by local labor government

23、Payroll Record for all employees and workers ( latest 12 months)

24、Sample Pay slips or voucher.

25、Time Records (latest 12 months)

26、Employment records/ personnel files for all workers.

27、Piece Wage computation records

28、Daily Broken Needle Report/ record

29、Payment receipts for annual leave, maternity leave, public holidays, social insurance, etc. 相关资料:>>>工厂出现童工应如何处理